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British Political Cartoons — the last laugh

Hey, thanks for following my blog. It was inspired by, a great (largely US-based) political cartoons blog. It had squillions of followers and I wanted to see if I could, in at least some small part, replicate its success with a British version.

Since this blog’s beginning in July 2011, I have got 114 followers. Not quite the squillions I was going for. Of course, there are way more people in the US than Britain, but still. Given this, I have decided to throw in the towel and stop bothering to update the blog.

If you still want your fix of British political cartoons you can get them where I did: free from the websites of The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Scotsman and The Express. Also, The Economist also runs a Tumblr blog you can follow, which includes political cartoons about the UK, US and around the world. You can also follow for great American political cartoons.

So thanks for following, I hope you enjoyed it. You can send me an Ask about the blog or politics if you like, and you can follow my personal blog Melancholics Anonymous if it takes your fancy.

Here’s one for old time’s sake…